Realtors and New Garage Doors

Realtors and New Garage Doors

July 13, 2015

I love Realtors. They are a great source of new business and are great to work with. I also love making the buyer and seller happy with our work.

The Realtor representing the seller called me and requested that I install a new Almond Color Garage Door with a new set of rails. When I quoted her $649.00, she could not believe it. To say the least she and her seller was happy. According to her, I was the lowest price she could find by at least $200.00.  Yes, Houston Remodeling Contractors will install a New Garage Door with New Rails for $649.00. We will even haul off your old worn out garage door for no additional costs. Do you need a garage door opener?  No problem, $349.00 installed with a remote control.


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