HRC Project Homeowner’s Attic Renovation in Houston Texas w/Live Update

HRC Project Homeowner’s Attic Renovation in Houston Texas w/Live Update

Homeowner contacted us and he wanted to finish out his attic for his mother. His mother is aging and he wants her to move in. Naturally, his mother wants her privacy, so finishing the attic is the logical choice.  The home was built in 2014. The home is ‎3415 square feet. The attic is 239 square feet, so the combined new living space will be 3654. The attic is perfectly situated, situated on the 2nd floor off the main hallway.

To say the least we are very excited about this project. After many hours working with the Architectural and Engineer teams of Houston Remodeling Contractors , the plans aka blue prints were finally finished. The plans allow the homeowner to add an entire bathroom with a stand up shower. Also we intend to construct shelving in the room as well as a safe. Lastly, we have to add plumbing infrastructure underneath the room for the new bathroom. Remember we are adding a toilet, shower, and sink.

We started the construction phase of the project June 13, 2015. As you can see, the area is an attic, used to store items. ‎ We have a lot of work ahead of us. Stay tuned. Please call me at 832-584-3402 with any questions or concerns


Here are the pictures of framing we have completed on June 13,2015. What you are looking at is the bathroom frame and closet frame. ‎There is still items being stored in the attic area, but believe me that is temporary. The Electrical Team is up next. Please stay tuned

Please call me at 832-584-3402 with any questions or concerns


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