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Commercial construction projects include buildings and structures that are meant for public use or those that are used by businesses and industries to facilitate their business. You will find many companies that specialize in this form of construction, and who will quite often include the design and planning of such buildings. One area of this form of construction is the execution of industrial projects meant for manufacturing.

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Most industrial projects will involve creating spaces to house and run machines and equipment, meant to produce whatever goods that particular industry is required to. Every manufacturing process has its own special requirements, and this requires any commercial construction company to be aware of them and to help design and build the buildings and put in services that allow such manufacturing processes to take place in the most economic and efficient way.

When industrial projects are to be built, the areas that need attention are:

• The structure to house the equipment
• The right flooring
• Handling equipment
• Services


Industrial projects require large open spaces, without columns, and quite often large heights to permit easy operation of all the equipment housed in them. Steel structures are able to fulfill these conditions easily, though it is not uncommon to have such structures built in reinforced concrete. The advantage with steel structures is that they can be fabricated off site, and brought to site and assembled very quickly, after the proper foundations are in place. A lot of importance is also given to lighting and ventilation, to ensure comfortable working conditions. This will mean provision of glazing on roofs and walls, and adequate openings to ensure air circulation.

Most industries require a lot of movement of materials, assemblies and other things through the use of forklifts and other handling equipment. These impose a lot of strain on floors, and a major constraint in factories is to ensure that these floors always remain good shape, so that movement is never hampered. This requires a lot of attention to be paid to floors, the loads imposed on them and preparation of proper subgrade foundations for floors, which commercial construction companies will ensure by the use of heavy rolling equipment and compaction, and the use of high grade concrete in floors, with protected joints.

Industries, even warehouses will have handling mechanisms like cranes and conveyors to facilitate the production process. This requires structures to be designed and constructed so that the cranes can be mounted on them. This requires adequate care in the design of the structure, and also requires a fair amount of expertise to actually install such cranes, which may often fall to the lot of a commercial construction company. The installation of conveyors and their proper location has to be done with a lot of attention to future usage and efficiency.

Industries will have high requirements for power, whereas some industrial processes may also need the provision of large amounts of water. Others may need the constant use of compressed air, oxygen or other gases, and all these have to be designed and installed by the construction company. This work can require a lot of coordination during construction to ensure that the right amount of power, water and air or gases is led to various parts in the structure depending on machinery layouts.

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