Chimney Repair

Stay Warm and Cozy During the Cold Winter Months With Chimney Repair Services Near Houston

The chimney is as important as any other part of your house. If properly cared for, it can greatly boost the aesthetic value of your home. Just like your house’s roof or floor, the chimney is also prone to damages and at one time or the other it may need some repair work. With the level of sensitivity associated with a chimney, you cannot afford to skimp on the repair process. It is for this reason that you require a professional chimney repair contractor. If you are looking for professional chimney repair contractors, Houston Remodeling Contractors should be your first priority. This is because they offer a wide variety of services revolving around chimney repair. Here are some chimney repair services you will expect from HRC.

Chimney Repair

Chimney Matching Mortar

Color and texture matching of your mortar to use in masonry or brick repair jobs is extremely important and can take a bit of legwork. When it comes to chimney repair, it is important to have texture and color matching mortar for a good looking chimney. The chimney remodeling contractors working with HRC will help you determine the amount of sand to be used in your mortar. In addition, they will also give the right details on the size of lime and cement you will need to have a matching mortar. Therefore, if you are having problems matching your mortar for chimney repair, get in touch with Houston Remodeling Contractors for an insight on the same.


When it comes to chimney repair, tuckpointing is an important job. Cracks in any masonry work can stand out like a sore thumb and when it comes to the chimney, there can be no room for cracks. The unfortunate bit is that most of the repair efforts to solve such blemishes are often shortsighted and done in a great hurry. A repair mason will just visit a hardware store, grab a bag of some premixed mortar and attempt to fix the cracks. The truth is that this can be a recipe for an aesthetic disaster. Although the mortar joints will be completed, the repair results will just look like a scar running diagonally across your house’s face. To avoid disfiguring your home, get in touch with Houston Remodeling Contractors for the best chimney repair.

Cracks in a New Chimney

There are many reasons why chimney failures can occur. Small hairline cracks in the chimney can be a cause of disaster and should be closely monitored. The concrete footers might not be adequate for the chimney. The chimney bricks and block can also be defective. The chimney crown should be as watertight as possible. For this to be achieved, chimney sweeps must carry out an inspection on your chimney to ascertain there are no cracks. If any cracks are detected, the contractors will help fix them in a professional manner.

Chimney Cap Inspection

When it comes to chimney repair, chimney cap inspection is extremely important. A leaking chimney cap can be the sole cause of a damp attic. Cracks in the cement cap can cause water to infiltrate into the chimney’s inner layers. In addition, the bricks or stones around the chimney can be a cause of the leaks. It is therefore important to have a chimney repair contractor inspect your chimney cap as part of the chimney repair job.

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