Major Home Roof Components

Major Home Roof Components

July 16, 2015


Everyday, homeowners question me on the major components of their roof. In addition, all homeowners need to understand what soffit and fascia  is and what causes soffit and fascia to degrade. I found the following browsing the internet which does a great job explaining all the aforementioned:


1. Bargeboard- The bargeboard provides a decorative finish to the gable end of your home, sealing the end rafters and the verge.

2. Box end- Forms the link between the fascia and the bargeboard on gable ends. All the fixings and rough edges are covered with trim, not only to look as neat and professional as possible but also to ensure that the roofline remains as secure and moisture resistant as possible.

3. Guttering – Collects rainwater from the roof and discharges it into the downpipes. All gutters are levelled and aligned to ensure that they have the correct fall, leading to the rainwater running in the correct direction and down the downpipe.

4. Fascia Boards- Protects and seals the rafter feet to prevent them contracting any rot and it progressing up the rafters and into your roof. The fascia also supports the roof tiles and provides a fixing point and support for the guttering.

5. Soffit Boards – Soffit boards run across the underside of your roofline, with the purpose of protecting the underside of the rafter feet. The expanded core of the soffit is lightweight, whilst the highly polished surface acts as a seal to water damage.

6. Downpipe – Carries rainwater from the gutters and down into the drains. Should be screwed into the brickwork to provide a secure fix.


Problems that may occur with soffits and fascias causing them to need replacing

Improperly installed soffits and fascias, or ones that are old and worn out, must be replaced to protect the integrity of your roof. Common signs of damaged soffits and fascias include:

Flaking and peeling paint – sanding and re-painting the affected area promptly can prevent further damage. This is a job which will have to be repeated year on year, as painted timber fascias and soffits will continuously flake and peel due to the extreme weather conditions they are subject to.

Rot and damp – Sections of rot and damp on your roofline are likely to spread quickly and can cause significant damage. If you notice that your roofline is starting to become rotten you should seek to have it replaced.

Leaking gutters – gutters can easily develop leaks if they are not cleaned frequently. Balls, leaves and other debris can clog up gutters, and during the colder months those pools of water freeze and expand, damaging the gutter.


In addition to the above problems, there are several other reasons why you might need to replace your soffits and fascias, including:

Asbestos – This is not a problem in new homes, however any home built before the year 2000 could contain asbestos which was incredibly commonly used in homes built before the 1990s. Asbestos was used as a fire retardant, but it is an incredibly dangerous substance, and prolonged exposure to asbestos fibres can cause serious lung problems.

Infestations – many pests make their home in small damp spaces, and rotting fascias can be a home to many kinds of insects and rodents.

Birds Nests – birds frequently make their homes in the rafters and disused chimneys of homes. Many of those birds are protected species, so care must be taken when moving them. Seek professional advice before interfering with a bird’s nest.

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