We Just Finished This Mobile Home Remodel In Dayton, Texas

We Just Finished This Mobile Home Remodel In Dayton, Texas

Before picture of the mobile home. We had to mow down the grass just to access the property

All post remodel pictures


We just finished this remodel of a mobile home in Dayton, TX. This was a hard remodel due to snakes and weird bugs. On top of that, since this was an FHA foreclosure, we had no water or electricity: However , we at Houston Remodeling Contractors still finished the remodel on time and on budget!!!!

This mobile home is better than new because the material used during the build back was superior than what the manufacturer utilized. Everything in the mobile home is new. For example, new plumbing, new electrical wiring, new breaker box, new flooring, new kitchen, new bathrooms, new furnace and ac condenser, new ducting, and new doors thru out this mobile home. I hope you enjoy the pictures


2 thoughts on “We Just Finished This Mobile Home Remodel In Dayton, Texas”

  1. I have a 5 year old Clayton mobile home. I am needing a bedroom repaired due to a leak from the shower. It leaked into the sheet rock and floor, carpet. an interior wall and exterior wall. The issue was hidden by the bed and didn’t realize it had happened. Mold is all over the bottom part of the wall as well.

  2. want to fix my floor, my stove hood get I’d of dishwasher. replace front door and various other things. need an estimate

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