How to Install a Bathroom Vanity

How to Install a Bathroom Vanity

Adding a brand new bathroom vanity can help to provide you with more space on the counter and much better storage options. When you install a vanity, it is almost the exact same process you would do when installing a new kitchen cabinet. Due to the fact that bathroom vanities usually get used a good deal and they are exposed to excessive moisture regularly, you need to pay close attention to the quality of the vanity you purchase.



Purchase the vanity


The first step will be to purchase the size and the style of vanity that you would like to use in your bathroom. You should ensure that the size you purchase will fit inside your bathroom. It always helps to discuss your needs with an expert remodeling contractor before proceeding.


Mark your wall


You should mark off a few things related to the vanity. Mark where the studs are in the wall and where your water lines are found. You also need to mark the location of the drain. Be sure to match this up with the vanity and then mark the positions that correspond with the marks on the wall with your vanity.


Drill the hole


You will then need to drill the pilot holes that will be where the drain lines and the water will be. There are a number of vanities that come pre-drilled. You can use a hole saw for cutting these holes, but be sure that you use one that is about one half inch wider than the actual water lines. Be sure that the holes are even. Once all of your holes are in place, then you should secure the vanity to the wall.


Install your sink


You will then need to install your sink on the top of the new vanity. Be sure that you carefully connect the water lines, as well as the drain line to the floor drain and the sink drain. Silicone caulk will be used against the edges of the sink, as well as the faucet in order to keep the water from being able to seep through.


Once everything is secure and in place, you need to wait a period of 24 hours and then run the water. This will let you know if everything has been sealed properly. It is important to fix any leaks before they become worse. Once you have done this the installation process for your new bathroom vanity will be complete.  Bathroom remodeling is a step-by-step process, but the good news is you don’t have to do it alone.


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