Creating a Kitchen Backsplash that Attracts Buyers

Creating a Kitchen Backsplash that Attracts Buyers

The space that is between your countertop and the top cabinets is referred to as the backsplash. While this area has gained more notoriety lately, the fact is that the creativity is sometimes lacking when it comes to this area. The good news is that there are a number of different things that you can do to help the backsplash area be a focal point in your kitchen. From lighting and wallpaper to tile and plastic panels, there are all sorts of different materials you can use in this area.


The fact is that a new backsplash can help to transform your entire kitchen. When you have the right tools and the proper amount of know-how, any homeowner can create a new backsplash that appears professional, within just a few hours. Even better, this effort will be attractive to potential buyers, while making your kitchen more aesthetically pleasing and functional.


What exactly is a backsplash?


Creating a Kitchen Backsplash that Attracts Buyers


A backsplash can be created from any type of material, from stone, wood, chalkboard, glass or ceramic tile and more. However, the most popular and common material used for these backsplashes is ceramic tile. This is not only an aesthetically pleasing option, it is also available in a number of different finishes, colors and textures allowing you to ensure that it complements your existing kitchen décor. Your backsplash can be created to appeal old fashioned from a plain tile, or a more modern approach can be taken if you prefer.


Necessary materials and equipment for installation of backsplashes


In most cases of installing a backsplash, the process will be universal, no matter the material that is used. However, if you have decided that tile is right for you, you will have to cut some of the pieces, which means that you need to proceed with caution. If you do decide that tile is the right material for your backsplash, then you will need the following equipment and materials: safety goggles; level; small trowel; tiles of your choice; rubber grout float; tape measurer; tile saw and cutter and several other tools for attaching the tile.
In most cases, the largest amount of your time will be spent ensuring that you have planned properly for the backsplash, no matter if this means consulting with a contractor or figuring out how you will complete the project yourself. What’s most critical is that you come up with kitchen design ideas that are pleasing to a wide variety of potential buyers.


Installing a tile backsplash on your own


Before you begin the installation of a new backsplash, be sure to check the soundness of your wall. You need to ensure that it is strong enough to hold the weight of the material that you have decided to use. Any damage to the drywall should be fixed before you begin the job. The next step will be to plan the backsplash entirely before you start working. In most cases, the backsplash will extend a minimum of four inches up from your countertop, but it can also cover the entire wall space that is present between the countertop and the base of the cabinets. Before you begin working, make sure to turn off any electrical power and remove the outlet covers. Be sure the surface is clean and that any grease or dirt is removed.


Use a design that is universally pleasing


When you are considering the material that you will use for your backsplash, be sure that you choose something that is aesthetically pleasing for all tastes. This will ensure that the backsplash that is created will be pleasing for any potential person who may be considering looking at your home. Remember, just because you may enjoy a funky or different design, the fact is that if you are trying to sell your home, this could be a turn off for potential buyers. Before starting, you really should look at a wide variety of kitchen remodel ideas,Carefully planning your backsplash and taking the time to learn how to properly install it will ensure a successful outcome. This can also help to add value to your home and ensure that it will be a selling point, rather than something that the buyers will want to change as soon as they move in. When you do this, you will be able to feel confident in the backsplash that is installed in your kitchen.


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