Home Remodel Due To Fire Damage

Home Remodel Due To Fire Damage

One of our clients, a major bank requested that we at Houston Remodeling Contractors remodel this foreclosed home due to a fire. We had to restore the entire HVAC system including duct work. The entire electrical system had to be upgraded due to the fire . Lastly , we had to upgrade / remodel all the cosmetic damage to the home and reframe the entire kitchen. The bank was very happy with the results and the home is for sale. I hope the new future homeowner loves the work we performed. Please remember I will focus only on the kitchen and den work performed for this blog.

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Robert Campbell

Home looks great from the outside but wait until you see the inside
Complete devastation from the fire. The kitchen and den areas of the home are burned very badly. Utter destruction !!
Wow we had to reframe the entire kitchen due to fire and smoke damage
Den area completely destroyed. Look, the ceiling fan melted!!!!!
Kitchen cabinets and appliances damaged beyond repair
Wow what a difference post a Houston Remodeling Contractors remodel. We completed this remodel in 29 days, working 7 days a week. This home is better than new due to the home being rebuilt based on current building codes.
Wow I hope the new owner enjoys this kitchen
We cleaned the tile and grout utilizing acid. The floor look new !!
We added this kitchen vent in order to vent gas and other odors while cooking.




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