This home is being converted into an assisted living center. ADL Assisted Living has hired us to handle the entire conversion.

The home needs a lot of work. The first major issue to address is the foundation. The foundation is severely damaged . Please review the next few pictures to see the damage to the brick veneer:

As you can see the brick is severely cracked. This is a horrible condition for the home because insects and bugs can enter the home. Also , water can enter the home and cause significant damage.

This is also a big problem. The brick is pulling away from the home . This part of the home is shifting or moving away from the garage area of the home.

This is the other side of the garage door. This side is not as bad as the other side but again the home is shifting, causing this gap.

More brick damage. Per the Owner, this window wont open or close correctly due to the exterior wall shifting. The exterior wall is shifting due to the home shifting, and the cracked brick is a common sign of trouble.

This window wont open or close correctly. If you look closely, the caulking and brick around the window frame is cracked, significantly damaged. Again water and insects and can enter the home thru this crack and damage the home.

This is a pier we utilized to stabilize the home. To lift the homes foundation back into place, we “pier the home”. We dig underneath the home into the ground to harden the pier which is then installed under your homes foundation and raised with a hydraulic machine to lift the foundation back into place and stabilize it for the future.

This is an example of an interior pier. We punched thru the homes foundation to set this pier. Many times we have to set piers inside the home and outside the home to remedy the foundation.

A better view of the many piers set inside the home to remedy the foundation.

The results are fantastic. We closed the cracks. There are no more cracks in the brick . Also notice the window. The window looks normal again and per the Owner of the home, the window functions as normal.

Remember this picture: Repaired!!! The gap between the brick and fascia is gone. No more entry point for bugs or water to enter the home.

Remember this side of the garage area. The gap has also disappeared. Houston Remodeling Contractors did a wonderful job at this future ADL Assisted Living Home.


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