Foundation Repair in Katy Texas

Foundation Repair in Katy Texas

A western suburb of Houston, Katy, TX is an area where homes require a lot of foundation maintenance and repair. The soil conditions in southeastern Texas are not conducive to maintaining a solid foundation.

Most of the area is clay soil, which is known to be unable to absorb water. When this soil gets wet, it swells and drastically increases in volume. Conversely, when clay soils are exposed to hot and dry weather, like occurs in Texas in the summer months, they dry out and shrink.

Soil movement occurs both horizontally and vertically as weather conditions change. The top level of the soil can be as much as nine inches higher than the lowest level. This significant movement puts a lot of stress on a house’s foundation, especially slab foundations.

A damaged foundation will have significant effects on a home. Visible damage includes cracking of exterior bricks, interior sheetrock, and tile flooring, as well as doors and windows that do not open and shut correctly. Any of these signs indicates foundation damage, which should be immediately investigated and repaired.

Foundation maintenance and repair under these conditions shouldn’t be performed by just anyone. It is a job requiring specialized knowledge and training. You should choose a professional company for foundation repair in Katy, someone who is familiar with the soil conditions in the area and qualified to make the necessary repairs.

One such company is Houston Remodeling Contractors. They do a lot of home renovations and remodels in the Texas area as well as foundation work. As a Houston-based company, HRC is familiar with the needs of homes on clay soils. They have inspected and repaired thousands of homes, and have the necessary experience to repair your foundation. HRC also warranties all of their work, so you know you can have it checked out again if you are unhappy.

Of course, it’s better to deal with foundation problems before they become serious. Be sure to have any home you plan to purchase inspected by a third party before you buy. Many older homes have issues which can end with needing foundation repair in Katy and other Houston suburbs, such as poor maintenance around the foundation base.

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