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As one of only a handful of construction firms founded by women here in the greater Houston area, we bring a fresh perspective to your project. Handling every phase of design and construction with a single firm is more cost-effective and efficient.

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Even the best laid plans still require experienced execution to reach their potential. Our thorough approach to project management means that every detail, down to the last nail is planned out ahead of time. We measure three times and cut once. The end result is a space that is as functional as it is elegant.

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Remodeling and Repair

Our experienced team has earned a consistently high rating with the Better Business Bureau because we take the time to understand our client’s concerns and find the perfect solution to meet their needs and budget. Whether we’re giving your space a fresh makeover, or repairing storm damage, our end to end solutions are fast, affordable and built to last.

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Commercial Construction Services


Choosing the right construction company to take charge of your commercial property can be pretty overwhelming for any investor or business owner. The future prosperity of the business depends upon the design and construction of the building, whether it is a shop, manufacturing unit, garage or some other type of commercial business.


This is a pretty hefty investment which has lots at stake and should bring in substantial rewards in the fullness of time. It is extremely important that you choose a commercial construction company which has the right amount of experience.


The regulations around construction industry these days is a pretty complex affair so it is important that the company you choose are fully aware and experienced in the regulations, laws and requirements of building a commercial business unit of any type. You need to find a commercial contractor with the ability to co-ordinate a wide range of professionals including architects, engineers and construction as well as the wider environmental issues and permits needed for your project to be completed satisfactorily.


Before you contact any building contractor it is important that you have a good idea about what you want. Your building will not only need to accommodate your business now but also to take into account any future growth which may occur. If you have a clear picture about what you want both now and in the future it will help to save time and money for everyone.


It’s a good idea to contact a number of commercial construction firms and ask them for a cost estimate for the work. Once you have received these estimates you must scrutinize them carefully to see exactly what is included in each one. Evaluate each estimate individually taking into account not only the cost but also the scope of work, references, warranties and the time scale they anticipate before the work will be completed. The sooner the building is complete the sooner you will be able to have your business reach maximum productivity – all businesses need to make money as efficiently as possible in order to survive and to grow.


If you choose a building firm which has a good standing and reputation in your community then this will give you a sense of security. A well established company which has been trading for a period of years is likely to be around in the future if you need to discuss any problems or have any warranty work completed.


Construction firms which are experienced in commercial projects will have the necessary understanding about the design and construction challenges which are unique within industrial building projects. These are the firms which will not only be able to give you a cost effective price but also a building solution which combines the right sort of design, engineering plus construction capabilities. They will be able to utilize the latest advances in techniques and you will be able to rest assured that top quality work men will be in charge of your building.


Here is a list of industries we specialize in:


Warehouse / Storage



Retail Store / Shopping 


Jos A Bank








Office Space

Modern Luxury Loft / Apartment Architecture Interior