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As one of only a handful of construction firms founded by women here in the greater Houston area, we bring a fresh perspective to your project. Handling every phase of design and construction with a single firm is more cost-effective and efficient.

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Even the best laid plans still require experienced execution to reach their potential. Our thorough approach to project management means that every detail, down to the last nail is planned out ahead of time. We measure three times and cut once. The end result is a space that is as functional as it is elegant.

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Remodeling and Repair

Our experienced team has earned a consistently high rating with the Better Business Bureau because we take the time to understand our client’s concerns and find the perfect solution to meet their needs and budget. Whether we’re giving your space a fresh makeover, or repairing storm damage, our end to end solutions are fast, affordable and built to last.

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Bathroom Remodeling in Baytown


If you’re looking for bathroom remodeling in Baytown, then you’ve come to the right place. At HRC, we strive to give you exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to remodeling your bathroom.


So why should you choose us for bathroom remodeling in Baytown? Here’s 4 reasons why:


1 – We’re passionate about design.

We’re not interested in giving you a generic paint-by-numbers bathroom remodel. As a fully-fledged, full-service constructive company, we have the skills and resources to take your bathroom design and give you exactly what you desire.


2 – We have a proven track record.

Are you tired of overblown promises from construction firms who don’t deliver? We have plenty of experience and a proven track record for creating sensational remodels that will leave you delighted with the results. But don’t take our word for it – just browse through some of the testimonials on our website and see what people are saying.


3 – We make you the expert.

While we’re eager to offer our insight and expertise whenever you ask, we’re also willing to listen to you and give you exactly what you want. HRC is founded solely be women, with a passion for giving the customer the bathroom remodel they want. If you’re tired of companies who try to give you a one-size-fits-all approach without listening to your own needs, then HRC will be a breath of fresh air to you.


4 – We make your dreams a reality.

Regardless of the project size, our goal is to make you happy, leaving you stunned by how we can take even the vaguest dream bathroom idea and turn it into reality before your very eyes. We take great pride in creating the types of bathroom that no other company can.

If you’re in the Baytown area, then there’s no reason not to give us a try. We can’t wait to see your face when you see what we can do for you!


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